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**AKC- Canine Good Citizens (CGC) testing facility**
Home of show champions and master hunters!


GE, formerly known as Heritage Kennels, has titled 30+ AKC Master Hunters and qualified 28 dogs for the AKC Master National in only 4 years.  Bill produced dogs from basics through the National with some competiting for the Hall Of Fame! Numerous Junior Hunters, Senior Hunters and 280+ Master passes......Not all dogs are listed below!

Our facility and our records are in compliance with AKC rules and regulations- inspections completed on 8-2009 and 10-2012 and the results were outstanding- we received a gold star certificate for doing more for our dogs and with our records than is required!

AKC Master Hunters titled- Owners listed

Gypsy's Wild Blue Yonder MH- Richard Tomlinson
Rio XXII MH- Lorriane Buchan
Texas Midnight Magic II MH- David Craddock
Highland's River Dancer MH- Nancy Metnik
Run-N-Guns Aspen Jenny MH- Brad Zanin
Saxon The Destroyer II MH- Bill Corcoran
Thunderbay's Lord Chase MH- Bobby Thomas
Chickamauga Raz Matazz MH- Ramblin Maxx Retrievers
Abby's Meyers Nemisis Lyndon MH- Leslie Vieau
Nilak Lord Of The Harvest MH, QAA- Alvin Hatcher
HRCH Missiquash's Kajun Buckskin Jake MH- Keith Winch
BMW Beautiful Belle MH, MNH- Sue McCarty
Dreameyer's Graceful Hope MH- Nancy Meyers
HRCH Kicker's Rip Roarin' To Go MH- Scott Stockburger
Boss's Boy Wanderer Jake MH- Mark Bisett
Oak Hill Michiavelli MH- Bobby Farmer
Twin Rivers Cold One MH, QAA- Kelli Corcoran (pictured with Colton to left)
Ramblin Man's Ebonstar Ember MH- Ramblin Maxx Retrievers
Luther Wheehunt Too MH- Sandy Kappus
Blackhorse Codename Scorpion MH- Bill Corcoran
Blackwater Tag MH- Cathy Blanton
Tehuacana's Scooby Heritage MH- Bobby Farmer
Hardscrabble Aftershock MH- Bobby Farmer
Viking's Calamity Kate MH- Bo Gascamp
Abercrombie and Fetch II MH- Kelli Corcoran

AKC Master National Qualifiers

Twin Rivers Cold One MH, QAA- 2006, 2007 & 2009
Gold Leaf's Caprock Rocket MH- 2011 pass #2
Ramblin Man's Ebonstar Ember MH- 2006
Chichamauga Razz Matazz MH- 2004
Saxon The Destroyer II MH- 2003, 2004/Pass & 2005 (pictured to right)
Texas Midnight Magic II MH-2005/Pass
BMW Beautiful Belle MH, MNH- 2005/Pass, 2006/Pass & 2007
Meyers Abby's Nemisis Lyndon MH- 2005
Oak Hill Machiavelli MH- 2005 & 2006
Dreameyer's Graceful Hope MH- 2005
Outback Stormy Titan MH- 2005
Nilak's Lord of The Harvest MH, QAA- 2005
Maggie's Bayou Go Get 'Em Gal MH, QAA- 2006
Luther Wheehunt Too MH- 2006
Sir Wolfgang Jack Mavrick MH, QAA- 2005, 2006 & 2007
Blackhorse Codename Scorpion MH- 2006
Blackwater Tag MH- 2006
Gold Leaf's Caprock Rocket MH- previous pass, 2011/pass

Conformation 2002- 2016

Xanadu He's got wings manu JH- CH pointed (retired)
Multi-BOB GCH Copperstill Mumbtlypeg
BOB GCH Newpoint Chief Justice JH (retired)
CH Xanadu Rooster Cogburn at GE (returned to breeder)
BOB GCH Sandbars Under The Influence- Group Placing (retired)
BOB GCH Monarch and GE's Double Edged Sword
CH Xanadu Hot Shot (retired)
Epiphany waitnsee at GE- CH pointed (retired)
GE Mistery Man Waltz CA- CH pointed

BOB CH Sandbars Seven Deadly Sins (retired)
UKC CH Ridge View's Marshall- AKC CH pointed (retired)
UKC CH Ridge View's Armani JH- AKC CH pointed (retired)
UKC CH Ridge View's Saving Grace at GE RN, JH (retired)
CH NEWpoint Packing Heat
Sandbar's Garden of Eden- AKC CH pointed (retired)
Wingsong Copperstill Doubledog Dareu- Major pointed (9 pts)
GCH Braerwood Rocky Horror Picture Show- group placements and multiple BOB wins
CH Braerwood Sandy's Summer Lovin'- GCH major pointed
Braerwood Beignet CGC- has both CH majors
Newpoint Hummingbird Heartbeat- Major CH pointed
CH Newpoint Double Rainbow at GE- Finished from the bred-by class
Multi-BOB GCH Rana-GE Between a Saint and a Sinner CGC
Multi-BOB Lobuff Retrong Sky- Major CH pointed
Multi-BOB CH GE Quietly Making Noise- GCH pointed/ Multi-Group placing.
CH Sandbars Leading Man (retired)
GE One Flew Out of The Cuckoos Nest- CH major pointed (retired)
CH Allibecks Southwind King of the Road- GCH pointed
CH Stonecliff's Rythm and Blues
Greenstone's Bare Necesities at GE-RANA- CH pointed
Sandbar's Encore of Grace at GE- Major CH pt'd
Ge's Speakeasy- Ch pt'd from bred-by class

BRONZE GCH Braerwoods Reflection Spectacular Storm

**Many CH titled and CH pointed dogs are NOT listed above that were shown by GE but belong to friends! Thank you for trusting us with your dogs! We do not professionally handle dogs of any breed.