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**AKC- Canine Good Citizens (CGC) testing facility**
Home of show champions and master hunters!


GE, formerly known as Heritage Kennels, has titled 30+ AKC Master Hunters and qualified 28 dogs for the AKC Master National in only 4 years.  Bill produced dogs from basics through the National with some competiting for the Hall Of Fame! Numerous Junior Hunters, Senior Hunters and 280+ Master passes......Not all dogs are listed below!

Our facility and our records are in compliance with AKC rules and regulations- inspections completed on 8-2009 and 10-2012 and the results were outstanding- we received a gold star certificate for doing more for our dogs and with our records than is required!

AKC Master Hunters titled- Owners listed

Gypsy's Wild Blue Yonder MH- Richard Tomlinson
Rio XXII MH- Lorriane Buchan
Texas Midnight Magic II MH- David Craddock
Highland's River Dancer MH- Nancy Metnik
Run-N-Guns Aspen Jenny MH- Brad Zanin
Saxon The Destroyer II MH- Bill Corcoran
Thunderbay's Lord Chase MH- Bobby Thomas
Chickamauga Raz Matazz MH- Ramblin Maxx Retrievers
Abby's Meyers Nemisis Lyndon MH- Leslie Vieau
Nilak Lord Of The Harvest MH, QAA- Alvin Hatcher
HRCH Missiquash's Kajun Buckskin Jake MH- Keith Winch
BMW Beautiful Belle MH, MNH- Sue McCarty
Dreameyer's Graceful Hope MH- Nancy Meyers
HRCH Kicker's Rip Roarin' To Go MH- Scott Stockburger
Boss's Boy Wanderer Jake MH- Mark Bisett
Oak Hill Michiavelli MH- Bobby Farmer
Twin Rivers Cold One MH, QAA- Kelli Corcoran (pictured with Colton to left)
Ramblin Man's Ebonstar Ember MH- Ramblin Maxx Retrievers
Luther Wheehunt Too MH- Sandy Kappus
Blackhorse Codename Scorpion MH- Bill Corcoran
Blackwater Tag MH- Cathy Blanton
Tehuacana's Scooby Heritage MH- Bobby Farmer
Hardscrabble Aftershock MH- Bobby Farmer
Viking's Calamity Kate MH- Bo Gascamp
Abercrombie and Fetch II MH- Kelli Corcoran

AKC Master National Qualifiers

Twin Rivers Cold One MH, QAA- 2006, 2007 & 2009
Gold Leaf's Caprock Rocket MH- 2011 pass #2
Ramblin Man's Ebonstar Ember MH- 2006
Chichamauga Razz Matazz MH- 2004
Saxon The Destroyer II MH- 2003, 2004/Pass & 2005 (pictured to right)
Texas Midnight Magic II MH-2005/Pass
BMW Beautiful Belle MH, MNH- 2005/Pass, 2006/Pass & 2007
Meyers Abby's Nemisis Lyndon MH- 2005
Oak Hill Machiavelli MH- 2005 & 2006
Dreameyer's Graceful Hope MH- 2005
Outback Stormy Titan MH- 2005
Nilak's Lord of The Harvest MH, QAA- 2005
Maggie's Bayou Go Get 'Em Gal MH, QAA- 2006
Luther Wheehunt Too MH- 2006
Sir Wolfgang Jack Mavrick MH, QAA- 2005, 2006 & 2007
Blackhorse Codename Scorpion MH- 2006
Blackwater Tag MH- 2006
Gold Leaf's Caprock Rocket MH- previous pass, 2011/pass

Conformation 2002- 2016

Xanadu He's got wings manu JH- CH pointed (retired)
Multi-BOB GCH Copperstill Mumbtlypeg
BOB GCH Newpoint Chief Justice JH (retired)
CH Xanadu Rooster Cogburn at GE (returned to breeder)
BOB GCH Sandbars Under The Influence- Group Placing (retired)
BOB GCH Monarch and GE's Double Edged Sword
CH Xanadu Hot Shot (retired)
Epiphany waitnsee at GE- CH pointed (retired)
GE Mistery Man Waltz CA- CH pointed

BOB CH Sandbars Seven Deadly Sins (retired)
UKC CH Ridge View's Marshall- AKC CH pointed (retired)
UKC CH Ridge View's Armani JH- AKC CH pointed (retired)
UKC CH Ridge View's Saving Grace at GE RN, JH (retired)
CH NEWpoint Packing Heat
Sandbar's Garden of Eden- AKC CH pointed (retired)
Wingsong Copperstill Doubledog Dareu- Major pointed (9 pts)
CH Braerwood Rocky Horror Picture Show- 20 GCH pts 4 majors 4 events CH defeated
CH Braerwood Sandy's Summer Lovin'- GCH major pointed
Braerwood Beignet CGC- has both CH majors
Newpoint Hummingbird Heartbeat- Major CH pointed
Newpoint Double Rainbow at GE- CH pointed
Multi-BOB GCH Rana-GE Between a Saint and a Sinner CGC
Multi-BOB Lobuff Retrong Sky- Major CH pointed
Multi-BOB CH GE Quietly Making Noise- GCH pointed/ Multi-Group placing.
CH Sandbars Leading Man (retired)
GE One Flew Out of The Cuckoos Nest- CH major pointed (retired)
CH Allibecks Southwind King of the Road- GCH pointed
CH Stonecliff's Rythm and Blues
Greenstone's Bare Necesities at GE-RANA- CH pointed

BRONZE GCH Braerwoods Reflection Spectacular Storm

**Many CH titled and CH pointed dogs are NOT listed above that were shown by GE but belong to friends! Thank you for trusting us with your dogs!