Great Expectations
Labrador and Chesapeake Bay Retrievers
German Shorthaired Pointers
**AKC- Canine Good Citizens (CGC) testing facility**
Home of show champions and master hunters!

Available Puppies  
We will be keeping a puppy for field trials, hunt tests, hunting, tracking or conformation.  
All puppies come with AKC limited reqistration- which means dogs are AKC registered but are NOT available for breeding purposes! 
Puppies come with a 26 month hip guarantee

Labrador Retrievers
waitlist is available for spring 2019

Gorgeous, strong, athletic and blocky- Chocolate, Black/Yellow litters- Champion pointed, Champion titled and Grand Champion titled sires. Wonderful prey drive and marking ability for hunting and tracking as well as a solid temperament for obedience, service/therapy work or simply beautiful companions.  

Chesapeake Bay Retrievers 
Reservation List is full at this time.

*German Shorthaired Pointers 
Waitlist is available

Contact us for details and .............We look forward to visiting with you.


LOW COST Spays and Neuters

THINK ABOUT ADOPTION/RESCUE...... We are very active in all breed rescue. Contrary to what the media would like for you to think NOT all dogs in shelters or available for adoption have a sad past. Unfortunately some do and we are here to help keep them out of a shelter in the first place! Some are not microchipped, or tagged and have been lost and never reunited with their mourning owners. In this case we offer finder finaincial assistance for vetting if needed and help get the word out to locate their owner. Some have been abused, injured or neglected and need an understanding home to offer them support, love and training to help reach the potential we see in them. Some have lost their owners due to tragedy, death or simply a change in living arrangements and both the family and dog are incredibly saddened. Sometimes in this situation the old owners and new owners stay in contact and it is a wonderful situation for both parties as well as the dog, which is what is most important. We offer free training as a first line of defense to keep them with their original owner. If that is not an option for them then we will step in to help find a suitable home. Each dog available is healthy and as been fully vetted and individually evaluated to help find the best possible match with their new family- Adoptions fees vary and are very minimal!

IF you are unable to keep your pure bred dog please contact your dogs breeder FIRST as any good breeder will take them back no questions asked! If you are not a breeder of quality dogs, do not complete health clearances and are not willing to welcome any and all of the puppies you produce back into your home not allowing them to go to a shelter then please spay/neuter your pet!

If you have lost a pet in our area please email us the information so we can cross post it here and on Facebook!


PLEASE READ....... If at any time in your GE pups life you are unable to keep him/her we will take the dog back with no questions asked. There is never a reason for a GE pup to be surendered to a shelter or rescue.